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Lea and Garsdon Church of England Primary School

Lea & Garsdon CE Primary School Healthy trees bearing good fruit

- Matthew 7:17

Hobbes Alliance

As a school, we belong to a group of local schools that work closely together. Collectively, this group is known as The Hobbes Alliance. We take the name from the Malmesbury born philosopher, Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679).

Context of The Hobbes Alliance
Brinkworth Earl Danby, Crudwell, Lea & Garsdon, Minety and Oaksey C of E Primary Schools have worked together in the past years on a number of projects. In September 2015 this informal collaboration developed into an informal alliance in which our schools have worked together on various projects. In  September 2022, Luckington  joined the Alliance. School staff members have shared INSET opportunities and moderation together, whilst Head Teachers have worked on whole school data scrutiny, learning walks  and a shared approach to subject leadership.

Hobbes Alliance Membership
The membership of the Hobbes Alliance is on a voluntary basis and is agreed by the Full Governing Body of each member school. The membership currently consists of the following schools:

  • Brinkworth Earl Danby CE Primary School
  • Crudwell CE Primary School
  • Lea & Garsdon CE Primary School
  • Minety CE Primary School
  • Oaksey  Primary School
  • Luckington Primary School


New members are welcome to join with the agreement of all existing members.

The Hobbes Alliance members have agreed to work collaboratively by sharing of information and insights to further member’s knowledge and ensure our schools remain learning institutions focused on continuous improvement for the benefit of our children. The Hobbes Alliance will also work towards integration in order to maximise the efficiencies and opportunities that may be presented that will benefit the sustainability of our schools and improve learning for the children.

Examples of collaborative working would include joint initiatives to broaden our children’s educational experiences, the sharing of staff overheads and corresponding costs between schools, working on projects looking into academisation options, or speaking with other schools and learning institutions to further the insight and knowledge of the Hobbes Alliance.

Terminating Membership
Any member of the Hobbes Alliance may end their membership at any time by a vote of the Full Governing Body of the relevant school and written notice sent to the remaining members of the Hobbes Alliance which will then take immediate effect.