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Lea and Garsdon Church of England Primary School

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SEN - Special Educational Needs

The Department for Education published the Special Educational Needs (SEN) Code of Practice in 2014. 

SEN support in school takes a graduated approach which will mean some children’s needs will be met through “quality first teaching” or interventions available to all children, whereas some children may need more specific intervention programmes. 

These children will have a support plan put in place with outcomes, provision and expectations agreed by you, your child and your child’s class teacher.  Another significant change is that the statutory assessment procedure is now an Education, Health and Care Needs assessment leading to an Education, Health and Care Needs Plan (EHC) or “My Plan” in Wiltshire.  

In accordance with the Code of Practice, we have published our “SEN School Offer” and SEN policy
on the website below.  If you would like any further clarification about how the SEN Code of Practice
SEN affects your child please either speak to your child’s class teacher or to Mrs Rachel Woods, SEN Co-ordinator.

Accessibility Plan

In line with our core value of inclusion, we aim for every pupil to achieve the most successful individual outcomes educationally, socially, in their personal life and within their local community, and for their unique needs to be recognised and met as early as possible.  Our Accessibility Plan intends to achieve this vision by empowering these children and young people to achieve all that they can.  

Please find below Lea & Garsdon's SEN Policy, our School Offer document and our Accessibility Plan: